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Why We Love Snow

Last week, Seattle received the most snow it has seen in over 50 years. Some embraced the snow and snow days with open arms as they bundled up to face the cold to build a snowman and throw a snowball at their neighbor. Others cleared the shelves at the local grocery store and prepared themselves for the big “storm”. Wherever are on the love/hate snow spectrum, there’s no denying that there are a few things worth loving about this sparkly powder that graces us with it's presence this time of year.

1. No school or work, duh!

Too much of anything is never good, but a few snow days scattered throughout the year is always welcome! Unexpected days at home are a gift that you can’t take for granted, as an adult and as a child. Bundling up to meet your friends in the cul-de-sac to build the biggest ice fort you’ve ever seen, trumps sitting in a classroom for the whole day.

2. When it’s cold outside, it’s cozy inside.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have cozy homes appreciate the luxury of shedding our icy garments and jumping into a pair of cozy sweats to sit by a fire (or electric heater in this day and age) and down a cup of hot coco. If this has not been a part of your childhood or that of your children's, it’s time to break out the hot chocolate on the next snow day.

3. You get to be a kid.

Whether you’re 7 or 56 going on 12, snow days often bring out the child in everyone. It doesn’t matter how mature you might think you are, if Larry from e-comm pegs you with a snow ball, you better believe he’s going to eat snow one way or another. And when you’re out building a snow man with your kids, you might remember moments like this from way back in the day and actually imagine what it felt like to be as carefree as a kid for just a moment.

4. It’s just so beautiful.

It changes the look of everything. Suddenly, there’s no color and everything is just a magical white glow. A fresh layer of snow on your front yard is breathtaking, and there’s nothing better then leaving big foot prints in your wake.

5. It brings everyone together.

Did you ever sled with the neighbor? Or maybe ban together with the kids down the block to build one giant snowman to rule them all? As an adult, people love to talk about the weather so when something as exciting as a snow day happens, it’s really just a hay day for adults eager to socialize with random passersby.


Hundreds of people were impacted by the storms that hit Western Washington this week and many don’t have warm homes they can go to. If you’d like to support the Seattle community during this time, please visit Seattle Union Gospel's website at https://www.ugm.org/ to donate either financially or with your time or resources.

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