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5 Reasons why rain boots are just the best (for kids and adults!)

1. Leave the mud outside.
Rain boots are made for mud, rain, seawater, sand, and anything else you can think of to throw at ‘em. The classic rain boot design is completely waterproof and protects your pant leg. That means, when they come off, the mud stays on the boot and not on your pants and socks. Not to mention they are ridiculously easy to clean. All you need is a hose or a damp hand towel. We were born and raised in Seattle, rain and mud (and puddle jumping) is part of our genetic make-up. We love rain boots for their ability to be stylish and always, always functional.

2. Easy on and off.
This should speak to every parent out there. With all that goes along with raising little humans, tying shoes seems to be one of the more redundant and monotonous task. Around the tree, through the hole….A child’s ability to put on their own shoes makes rain boots a great footwear option for on-the-go mom and dads. No laces. No zippers. Easy-breezy. “What can I say except…you’re welcome!” (Any “Moana” lovers out there?).

3. Crazy patterns and colors brighten up an outfit.
Normally I would say that childhood is the only time that you can wear crazy and bright patterns without receiving strange looks… fortunately this is not the case with rain boots! Western Chief has a huge selection of rain boots in fun and quirky patterns for child and adult. Check them out here! This is good news because when the weather is dark and gray, your outfit shouldn’t be! Something about slipping on a pair of rain boots and walking through a mud puddle awakens that child within.

4. Ready for anything, rain or shine.
Living in the Seattle area, you never know how to dress for the day. The forecast could say sunshine with chance of rain with a low of 36 and a high of 75, and you end up with a freak snow storm. Let me tell you, suede is not your friend on a rainy day. That’s why rain boots are the “choice” footwear for unpredictable weather. Even if you can count on a winter’s day of 35 degrees and sunshine…why not look cute in your wellies too??

5. Versatility: wear them in on the metro or the farm.
One of the best things about wellies, in my humble opinion, is their versatility. You can wear them out on the farm to protect against the mud and manure, or as your reliable commuter companion to keep out the street slush and rain water. As technology has advanced and we’ve developed lighter yet more durable rubber compounds with which we make our boots, you know you can count on them wherever the day takes you. Even as I sit here pondering the many places you can take your wellies, I am wearing a pair!

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