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About Us

Family Footwear Since 1891

Founded in Seattle in 1891, Western Chief began making boots to hold up against tough weather conditions during the Alaska Gold Rush. Today, Western Chief continues to provide family footwear options for outdoor wear. Footwear offerings range from lovable character rain boots for kids, whimsical and cozy boots for women, durable work boots for men, and more. Whether you need boots for play, trudging through muddy fields, gardening, navigating city streets, or every day wear - Western Chief has you covered with affordable, functional boots to fit your lifestyle.  For those less rainy days, we offer sandals with the same styling, whimsical prints, and bright colors as your favorite boots.  We are fourth-generation family owned company.  More about our story can be read here.


Western Chief proudly supports the Wear A Big Smile Foundation by providing boots year-round to kids, women, and men in need. Learn more about Wear A Big Smile Foundation.


We care about the future of our planet and are doing our part to find ways to be more eco-friendly.  Did you know our shoe boxes are made of recyclable natural cardboard?  We use paper tape to seal boxes and the shoe box is the shipping box.  Single orders on our website ship in it's own box, why put a box in a box!  According to the EPA, packaging accounts for about 30% of America’s trash by volume, or around 78 million tons per year, and even though 53% of that gets recycled, the rest goes into landfills.


We are always looking for new talent to join our team.  Search our open positions on LinkedIn or email careers@washingtonshoe.com