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Choosing the Right Kid’s Boot

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Choosing kids rain boots can be a challenge. There are many options, and some are better than others. You want to keep your outdoor explorer clean and dry, and the rain boots need to be durable enough to survive a lot of playtime and puddle-jumping. Your kids should also want to wear them: The most durable rain boots won’t matter if they’re uncomfortable or if your kid hates the way they look. Look for these key features when you’re shopping for rubber rain boots for boys or girls. 


Material: Rubber or PVC 

The best rain boots are made of flexible, durable, waterproof rubber. If a handmade vulcanization process it used, weak spots can be reduced. An alternative, especially for rain boots that light up, is PVC. Both need to be durable enough to survive outdoor adventures in the mud and rain, splashing through puddles or just helping out in the garden.  


Lining: Warm and Absorbent, Such as Cotton 

The interior lining of the rain boot should be soft and moisture-absorbent, using materials such as cotton or a polyester and cotton blend. The key is to a have lining that is comfortable and non-abrasive, so your kids will want to wear their rain boots. Cotton helps regulate temperature while absorbing water, leaving little feet warm and dry.  


Comfort: Well Shaped, with an Insole (If Needed) 

Besides a comfortable lining, the rest of the rain boot should be comfortable as well. An insole can help. If discomfort is a common issue with other footwear, consider a removable EVA insole that can be easily cleaned and replaced. These can be kept in place with double-sided tape to hold them down. The rain boot should also be easy to put on and remove, so handles are a great feature to look for. This also means your kids can pull on the boots themselves with no hassle, leaving everyone happy and frustration-free.   


Fit: Room to Grow—But Not Too Much! 

There’s a fine line between leaving room for your child’s feet to grow and having rain boots be too big. If the boot is too big, little feet sliding around will wear the boots down faster. This is especially true for the soles of the rain boots. To fill out bigger boots, your children can wear a thick pair of socks or stockings. Leaving too little space, however, means the rain boots may not survive the season and could be too small the next time they’re needed.  


Design: Get Something Fun! 

Having a fun design can be the difference between your child wanting to wear the rain boots or just leaving them in the mudroom. Whether your child loves bright colors and unicorns or dinosaurs and lights that blink with every step, having a fun design is essential for rain boots kids love. You can also find licensed characters for rain boots, such as Disney’s Ariel or Mickey Mouse. Or, go the superhero route with Batman and Wonder Woman. There are plenty of options to delight your kids!  


Safety: Reduce Slips and Falls 

Finally, the kids rain boots you buy your children need to be safe. Look for kids rain boots that have a traction rubber outsole. This helps provide traction on slippery surfaces, such as mud. Dependable rain boots that check the boxes above can be used for all of your kids’ outdoor adventures. 



About Western Chief 

Western Chief was founded in 1891 to fulfill the need for tough, durable boots for prospectors of the Alaska Gold Rush facing harsh weather conditions. Now, they offer boots for the whole family, including durable work boots and character rain boots kids love. Western Chief offers quality outdoor footwear options for men, women, and children, with designs and styles that will fit your needs, including wide calf rain boots. Whether they’re needed for playing in puddles, gardening, or trudging through a muddy farm, look no further than Western Chief for practical, affordable footwear that fits your lifestyle.  


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