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Kid-Friendly Styles for 2020

As we move into the new year, much of the country is still rainy and snowy. It’s the perfect time to pick up cold weather boots and rain boots kids will want to put on so they can have fun out of the house. Western Chief has all the boots your kids will need to combat the chilly weather and keep small feet dry. 


Kids wearing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse rain gear

Disney Boots 

Western Chief offers two sets of kids rain boots with the most famous mice around: Mickey and Minnie. Each boot features those world-famous mouse silhouettes to form the handles; the colors are the iconic red and black, representing Mickey or Minnie. Grab our Mickey and Minnie umbrellas and jackets to complete a rainy day set. Other beloved characters from the House of Mouse make great options for little ones—from princesses to Lightning McQueen, there's something for every young Disney fan! 


Light-Up Boots 

Lighted rain boots are sure to bring a bright smile to your child’s face. The boot heels flash with every step and leap and stomp. It’s a great safety feature for cloudy and rainy days and looks cool to boot (pun intended).  


Glitter Boots 

Celebrate the new year with glitter boots! Sparkle. Gleam. Glitter boots are perfect for your little girl. Whether she’s running through the rain or splashing in puddles, these boots are a must-have for any budding fashionista. Try both the classic Western Chief rain boots and the neoprene boots, perfect for staying warm and dry (and looking fabulous) while playing outside.  


Girl spinning in Wonder Woman rain gear

Superhero Boots 

Soar through puddles! Fight the foul weather! With our line of superhero boots and rain gear, your little ones will be ready for rainy days faster than a speeding bullet. Western Chief’s top superhero rain boots star Batman and Wonder Woman. Both sets of boots have capes, making them rain boots kids will love to wear as they whoosh around outside. They won’t worry about the rain with their super speed, super strength, and lightning reflexes.


Kids snow boots with floral patterns

Bonus: Cold Weather Boots 

If it’s snowy where you live, Western Chief can help keep your kids’ feet warm as they have snowball fights. Instead of waterproof PVC like most Western Chief rain boots, their cold weather boots are made of neoprene to handle the snow. Depending on the boot, Western Chief’s neoprene boots are insulated and rated to -30 degrees Fahrenheit or lined with faux fur for extra warmth. They also have a drawstring to get a snug fit. Western Chief’s neoprene boots are perfect for sled rides, snowball fights, snow angels, and more! 


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