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Kids’ Sets for Rainy Days

The rainy months are upon us. These rain gear sets from Western Chief will delight your children with fun designs and beloved characters. Each set comes with kids rain boots, a rain jacket, and an umbrella for all kinds of outdoor rainy day adventures. With Western Chief’s quality rain gear, your kids will have fun outside and stay dry.  

Kid posing in Batman rain gear set


Batman & Wonder Woman

Featuring designs from the famous characters Batman and Wonder Woman, these sets will make your kids feel like superheroes. The Batman jacket features a cape, while both sets have capes on the rain boots kids will love. They might jump right into the characters, with Batman using his umbrella as a high-tech gadget while Wonder Woman uses hers as her trusty shield! Either way, they won’t worry about the rain with their super speed, super strength, and lightning reflexes!  


Rain boots splashing in puddle


F.D.U.S.A. Firechief Set

This set is perfect for the little firefighter in your life and includes a firechief rain coat. No job is too small for F.D.U.S.A. heroes, whether it’s saving a kitten caught in a tree in a rainstorm or helping mom pick up around the house. Firechief rain boots and an umbrella complete the look, ensuring your little firefighter is always ready to solve problems and put out imaginary fires or save stranded worms.  


Girl in ladybug rain gear at beach


Lucy the Ladybug

With this set, your little ladybug will be the cutest one on the block, and the pop of red will make them stand out in any rainstorm. The set is patterned after Lucy the Ladybug, perfect for girls (or boys) who want to tackle the outdoors in the rain. The umbrella has pop-up antennas while polka dots adorn the jacket and rain boots. With polka dots on the upper portion and 3D eyes on the rain boots, these are a pair of rain boots kids will never want to take off.  


Girl in Minnie Mouse rain gear set at beach

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Your children can stay dry in the rain while wearing the iconic Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The Mickey set is patterned after the mouse himself—black and red with yellow accents. The Minnie set is red with white polka dots. Both sets feature ears on the jacket hood, with Mickey or Minnie adorning the umbrellas and their smiling faces on the toes of the rain boots. Your kids will love wearing the most famous, beloved mice in the world while having fun outside. 



Western Chief began making trusted family footwear in 1891. All of their products aim to keep the wearer dry and comfortable in even the most unpredictable weather.  


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