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Halloween with Western Chief

Costumes, candy, and time with friends. What’s not to love about Halloween?

Depending on what part of the country you live, trick-or-treating can be cold and wet! Growing up, I remember layering sweatshirts and leggings under my costume to stay warm. Well, the age of attempting to cold-proof and water-proof your Halloween disguises is coming to an end. Western Chief provides fun and themed rain gear sets that are designed to keep your little trick-or-treaters dry. And get this, you can wear them again after Halloween! Who would have thought that costumes could be fun and functional?

Scroll through the list below to view our top picks, or click here to check out our bundle deals.


Kids' Disney Princess

Be ready for that splash of rain in our Little Mermaid themed Disney Princess rain set.














Kids’ Ladybug

There is a lot of candy to be collected! Be the busiest bug on the block in our Lady Bug rain set.














Kids’ Groovy Leopard

Stay fierce and dance through the rain in our Groovy Leopard rain set.















Kids’ Frog

Hop from house to house and puddle to puddle in our Fritz the Frog rain gear set.















Kids' Lightning McQueen

Have fun, but make sure you’re going the speed limit in our Lightning McQueen rain boots and rain gear set.












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