That's a wrap on our FW18 Photo Shoot! | Western Chief Shoes

That’s a wrap on our FW18 Photo Shoot!

That’s a wrap on our Fall/Winter photo shoot for 2018! Check out some of the behind-the-scene action.

What do you get when you bring together professionals, friends, cute kids, a little rain, and a gorgeous location?

A super fun Western Chief photo shoot!

We’ve assembled a great team over the years that has consistently created beautiful images for our catalogs, social media, and ads. The people that work so hard on the set have developed relationships that surpass that which is expected of colleagues and co-workers. Everyone has a great time and it’s always a happy reunion.

This time around our marketing director found a gorgeous spot in Burien, WA called Seahurst Park which provides a saltwater beach right on the Puget Sound. From this point you can see the Olympic Mountains and all the wildlife that hangs around on the beach and the water near the shore. One of the most exciting points in the day was when the seals would surface nearby to catch a glimpse of all the activity up on the beach.

Seahurst Shelters

 The sun finally came out! Miss Seattle's Outstanding Teen, Jaclyn Seifert, was our Western Chief women's model!

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