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A Western Chief Family

We’ve been a family-owned company for 128 years and we are exceedingly grateful for the story and families that have allowed us to survive and thrive. We consider it a privilege to provide fun and quality footwear for families across the United States. Meet one of our Western Chief partners, Bobbi Ramirez, and her family. Read on to learn more about her journey through motherhood, her family's favorite winter pastimes, and her experience with our Western Chief snow gear!

Why is it important for you to get outside with your family?

As a mama of two very busy little’s, it’s important for us to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, burn off some energy and get some exercise! (Especially burn off some energy - my two are WILD!) Living in Northern Michigan, we have always been big outdoor adventurers and love to explore our beautiful natural environment, Winter Wonderland and all!

Do you have any rules regarding "screen time" or outdoor activities in your household?

Screen time is a treat for my children, with school in full swing my 1st grader only gets a limited amount of screen time during the weekends and he never minds one bit! My youngest will also find any excuse in the world to throw on her brightly colored boots and pretend to be an Ice Princess in the snow! The cold never bothered her anyway!

What is your family’s favorite thing to do outside?

Our family home sits on a huge piece of land, and the kids absolutely love to go for a hike and look for animal tracks in the snow! We follow them or try to name them, collecting pine cones along the way for fun crafts indoors! My youngest also just learned how to make snow angels this winter, so that has been a treat watching her wiggle around in the snow! Sledding is an old classic that never fails to amaze new generations! Snow tag and snow ball fights seem to be a big thrill around here, getting to toss a snowball at your mom is apparently the funniest thing in the world, ha! And of course, we can’t forget about the ‘sand’ buckets and shovels! Shoveling snow and building snow castles is just as fun!

Do you play outside with your kids?

YES. Oh my, my kids love to play with their mama outside! Between pulling them in sleds, helping build a snowman and searching for tracks in the snow; they keep me on my toes!

Why is it important to have the right footwear for outdoor play?

Northern Michigan winters are tough, and my kids are tough on their winter gear! Not only do we get an abundance of snow, but we spend SO much time outdoors! My kids become to stir crazy hibernating away, so it’s important they have warm, durable winter boots!

What did you think of Western Chief's brightly printed gear?

Western Chief rain boots are my children’s favorite (and mine!). They adore the fun colors, whimsical designs and patterns! It is always such a treat for them to pick out brand new boots and get those big, brightly colored Western Chief boxes in the mail! I personally cannot praise Western Chief’s durability enough, since my kiddos are tough on their shoes! As well as the easy pull-on handles for those very independent, must-do-themselves little’s!


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