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Wear A Big Smile

For the whole month of September, Western Chief will be partnering with The Wear A Big Smile Foundation to donate a pair of children’s rain boots for every pair purchased on WesternChief.com.

Wear A Big Smile has worked with organization’s like The Seattle Union Gospel Mission, Kent Hope, and Treehouse to provide new boots for children of at risk families in the Seattle area. Western Chief is a family owned and family run business, and as such we care about the community and the well-being of it’s residents.

Let's work together to change lives and create more smiles!

Please review the following Q & A for more information:

Where will the boots be donated?

The boots will be donated to a local organization or shelter in the Seattle area. The specific location will be determined based on who has the greatest need at the time.

How can I ensure that a pair of boots was indeed donated as a result of my purchase?

We will keep a tally of purchases from the site throughout September. At the time of donation, we will document the event with photos and share a blog post detailing how many boots were given and where the donation was made.

What else can I do?

Wear A Big Smile is always accepting donations, of which 100% is given back to the community.

You can donate by clicking here!

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