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Western Chief Family – Sneed Acres

What do you get when you combine 25 goats, 6 sheep, 56 chickens, 5 cats, 2 dogs, and a whole family? The answer is Sneed Acres.

This 7-acre Oklahoma farm, rests along the Arkansas border, and is home to Alysha and her family. They strive to live a sustainable life by playing a role in the food they consume and products they use daily. We asked how their farm supports a sustainable lifestyle. Here's what they said, "We try to do everything as close as possible to how it would happen in nature. Our sheep and donkeys are almost completely self-sufficient just with enough grazing space per animal. The goats and chickens do need grain but giving them adequate foraging space also helps their health and sustainability. If we are producing many of the items we use in a sustainable way, with little to no waste, we are taking steps towards a better future. We also use as little medical intervention as possible, helping our herds immune system and overall health to be better naturally and holistically. One other thing we do is select breeds that are sustainable and not prone to health issues from over breeding. "


Emphasizing their children’s relationship to the products and produce they consume is a goal behind what they do at Sneed Acres.

Alysha enjoys knowing that they are taking an active part in what they consume. She works hard to raise their plants and animals in a humane and natural way.

While this way of living appears to come so naturally to this family, Alysha didn’t grow up on a farm, around animals, livestock, and vegetable gardens. Her early exposure to this type of living appeared only in her visits to her grandparent’s farm on occasion. Her husband did however grow up on a farm.  Now, together with her family, she is raising baby goats and making her own soap!

The kids also get to play a role in the farm activity. They help feed the animals and collect eggs. Soon they will assist milking the goats! They love being able to walk outside and collect eggs or tomatoes from their own garden.

We sent them each a pair of Western Chief rain boots to protect their feet from mud (and who-knows-what!) while they do chores around the farm. They love the cute animals and observing the process behind what they harvest.

Each quarter, we partner with a Western Chief family to learn about their story and share with you. Want to learn more about another Western Chief family? Check out our last blog feature, here!


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