Western Chief Spring Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes at our Western Chief Spring Photo shoot

What do you get when you combine a macaw, rain boots, a few snacks, a dozen kids, and a creek?

A Western Chief photo shoot!

We just got back from our Spring photo shoot out at Fox Hollow Farms. (Click here to learn more about this cool little farm near Seattle). We spent the day rubbing elbows with goats, a pony, some baby bunnies, and a few very vocal macaw parrots. After the shoot, most of the kids and families walked around the farm to see all the animals (some did not like the noisy macaws!). We even observed a showdown between a Wild Turkey and a Peacock. It mostly included a lot of feather-flapping.

Most of our models have worked with us and each other in the past so it's always exciting to be reunited and see how the little ones have grown! This time around our Western Chief Men's Boots got a little love. We worked with our model Daniel to photograph some of our neoprene styles. He and Simon have worked together before and had a ball splashing in the creek and throwing rocks. This shoot was later in the day, so we actually had some warm weather which was a nice change from our usually cold and blustery photo shoot days.

These shoots continue to be a blast because it means the chance to get our dedicated crew together. Just by looking at the pictures, you likely wouldn't think about all the work that goes into planning an event like this. We are grateful for a great team, which includes our photographer, stylist, makeup artist, and many extra hands, who make it all possible!

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